Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008 :)

Well, another year goes by. I swear they're getting faster every year...

2007 was quite eventful for me... I changed job (again..) ;) Infact changed places... came back to my roots after spending a joyful and learning year in bangalore...!! Few relations became more stronger... though some relations made me learn a lot of important lessons for the rest of my life... luckily made few new good friends... for which i am very thankful to god.. :)

2007, especially towards the end was very hectic. I really wanna write more about this, however I don't really have much time.

So, I can only wish you dear friends... a very happy new year. May 2008 brings success, happiness, joy, love and prosperity to all of you..!!

Lots of love and best wishes from me!!


reva said...

2007 was indeed a year of changes for me as well...
The best of them being- meeting u in the organization! You are one of those few people in my life with whom I am truly 'Myself'...
When i go down the memory lane of 2007..it brings a broad smile on my face..as never thought work place can be so much fun too..especially with charming people like you around! :)

Happy New Year! Hope this year brings loads of success and happiness...even more than you deserve!

Vidhi said...

Amen.. Its great to have u around..
Cheers to our association...!!:)
Wish all your desired wishes come true in the coming year...!!